Kylea TaylorPresident, Soul CollageĀ®

“I highly recommend working with Lorraine. She understood our objectives immediately and created an exceptional video in a short production time. Our community is so excited to see their own passion for the creative self-discovery process of SoulCollageĀ® reflected on their screens.”

Alesen CorellaOwner, Gatherings Thrift

“Lorraine was very good at capturing the essence of our organization. She made me feel at ease from the start and is very comfortable to work with. I got the sense she was intensely interested in what I had to share. She has a good eye for putting things together in an interesting way and adding flair with her video editing skills. We could not be more impressed with the outcome and will be forever grateful for her doing this for us. ”

Ben ZolnoFilmmaker, New Message Media

“Lorraine was highly motivated, driven, yet open minded. We shot street interviews, and she somehow managed to rope in about a dozen random people to interview, in no time flat! I look forward to working with her again. ”

Mark ZinkelInstructor, Elite Paragliding

“Bob and Lorraine were amazing! They showed up when I had a bad cold and I was in the middle of running two businesses. I was behind on emails. I had tons of people to call and many customers to fly with. I was concerned that having them filming in the middle of this would take up too much of my time. They integrated perfectly into my work and projected a really positive image on Elite Paragliding. ”

Peter BostwickFounder, You Can Choose

“We've worked with the wonderful people at Techie and Writer for a few years now. They produced our first video and have helped us with our marketing and social media strategy. They are professional, creative and spontaneous. A unique blend that shows in the work they do. ”